Mini Ground Modem

This USB dongle can be used everytime you need to plug your XBee® OEM Module into your computer without a cable


And XBee® module configuration will be a piece of cake!


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  • Fully compatible with common Digi/Maxstream XBee® 20pin footprint for a variety of RF modules use
  • Appear as an additional COM port available to the PC (VCP)
  • No USB cable required, plug it directly on your computer
  • Can also be used to configure and upgrade Modem firmware (X-CTU software)
  • VCP Transmit / Receive activity LEDs
  • Receive Signal Strength LED Indicator (RSSI)
  • Associated LED Indicator
  • Reset pushbutton
  • 55 x 25mm plugged (2.2" x 1")




Hardware Revision History

Click on version number of previous releases to get Hardware & Software support.

Version # Release Date Release Notes
v1.01 (current)
08/2009 Silkscreen and copper text modifications
v1.00 03/2009 Initial release





Copper view

miniSMX-GroundModem v1.01 top copper layer miniSMX-GroundModem v1.01 bottom copper layer

Gerber & Drill Files

Download miniSMX-GroundModem v1.01 gerber & drill files (zip)

RS274X, units = Inches, format = 2:5

  • miniSMX-GroundModem.GTO (Top Component Print Layer)
  • miniSMX-GroundModem.GTS (Top Solder Mask)
  • miniSMX-GroundModem.GTL (Top Copper Layer)
  • miniSMX-GroundModem.GBL (Bottom Copper Layer)
  • miniSMX-GroundModem.GBS (Bottom Solder Mask)

PCB design is fully compliant with Olimex PCB proto design rules.


Components Layout



Bill Of Material

Qty Manufacturer part # Schematic part name / value Designator Description Manufacturer Package Optional Other distributor
5 ERJ-3EKF3900V 390 R1 to R5 1/10W, 1% Panasonic - ECG 0603 see note2 P390HCT-ND  
1 TAJR106K006RNJ 10uF/6.3v C1 Tantalum, 10% AVX Corporation R case (EIA 2012-12)   478-3273-1-ND  
1 T520A336M006ATE070 33uF/6.3v C2 Tantalum 20% Kemet A case (EIA 3216-18)   399-4719-1-ND  
3 C0603C104K5RAC 100nF C3 to C5 Ceramic X7R, 50V, 10% Kemet 0603   399-5089-1-ND  
1 LM3940IMP-3.3 LM3940IMP-3.3 IC1 1A low dropout regulator for 5V to 3.3V conversion National Semiconductor SOT223   LM3940IMP-3.3CT-ND  
1 FT232RL FT232RL IC2 USB to Serial UART FTDI 28-SSOP   768-1007-1-ND  
1 APT1608MGC KP-1608MGC L1 SMD Chip Green LED Lamp Kingbright 0603 see note2 754-1118-1-ND  
1 APT1608PBC/A KP-1608PBC L4 SMD Chip Blue LED Lamp Kingbright 0603 see note2 754-1119-1-ND  
1 APT1608SECK KP-1608SEC L3 SMD Chip Orange LED Lamp Kingbright 0603 see note2 754-1120-1-ND  
1 APT1608SURCK KP-1608SURC L5 SMD Chip Red LED Lamp Kingbright 0603 see note2 754-1123-1-ND  
1 APT1608SYCK KP-1608SYC L2 SMD Chip Yellow LED Lamp Kingbright 0603 see note2 754-1124-1-ND  
1 1734028-1 USB A CHASSIS J1 USB plug R/A SMD Tyco Electronics specific   1734028-1-ND  
2 PPPN101BFCN-RC XBEE_PRO MOD1 2mm single row 10pos. receptacle Sullins Connector Solutions specific   S5751-10-ND  
1 KMR221GLFS KMR221G BP1 Microminiature Tact Switch C&K Components specific see note1 401-1427-1-ND  


  • Note 1: do not populate for minimal cost application.
  • Note 2: for minimal cost application, do not populate resistor / LED pair.


Programming / Drivers