Homemade Body Parts

You don't have access to a CNC machine to make some boby part plates for your project ? It doesn't matter, there is an affordable manufacturing process to obtain FR4 or carbon/epoxy plates with a minimum amount of tools and a good dimentions accuracy.


This article pictures (v5 "Basic" Quadrotor body parts) shows what you can do with this method.

Designing & Printing

Design your part with your favourite software. Any software that can produce a 1:1 scale printout will do.

Print your part(s) on a sheet of self-adhesive paper. You can find this type of paper in every good stationery shop.


Cut crudely out the different paper parts and try to find a right size offcut of material for each part or group of parts. Larger is the offcut, easier is the part holding during big holes drilling job.


Stick & Pre-drilling

Stick every paper parts on it's offcut.


Write on paper each final hole diameter (if your favorite software can't do that for you).


Mark every hole's center with a small needle.

Pre-drill carrefully every hole's center with a small drill (1mm or less), whoever the final diameter. The final dimentions accuracy depends on care taken over this pre-drilling process.


Drilling & Cutting

Drill every holes at the final diameter. For large ones, use a "cone-shapped" drill or make a lot of small holes on the edges and finish with a file.

Cut the part with your (limited ?) ressouces, file, sand, sweat...



Remove the self-adhesive paper with acetone or other solvent product (check before if material will stand)


Don't forget the countersank head milling.